Daniel Portelli is an art music composer whose music has been performed by Tracensemble, Soundstream Collective, Adelaide Philharmonic Choir, Two New Duo, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Tamara Cislowska, ESMUC Ensemble, Claire Edwardes, Liu Ying, and by a robotic piano named RHEA. Portelli was awarded a PhD in composition at the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) with principal supervisor Professor Liza Lim and co- supervisor Professor Peter Ablinger. He completed a MA (Honours) at Western Sydney University (WSU) with Professor Bruce Crossman. Portelli was the winner of the Winston Music ECF commission at the Soundstream Emerging Composers’ Forum.

Portelli has published an article on his piece ‘Mapping Australia’ (2014), in the fifth issue of the CeReNeM Journal (UK). Portelli’s music has an interdisciplinary focus, particularly in his incorporation of video as a sketching process for composition. For Portelli, the use of video becomes the primary ‘corresponding’ tool for the development of a multimodal practice. His work has been featured on multiple playlists by Making Waves, a monthly curated series that features Australian art music. These include: Hyperbodies in November 2016, A Sense of Space in December 2018, and Memory Tape in February 2019. He was a composer in residence for the Penrith City Council DiG space program.

In 2015, Portelli was involved in the Composition Beyond Music workshop at Impuls Music Academy in Graz, Austria. And in 2014 he represented Australia as the Young Composer Representative at the Asian Music Festival, in Tokyo and Yokohama. He is now a casual lecturer in composition at Western Sydney University.