Animal (2015) – The video below is a 60 second preview of my video score used by the Adelaide Philharmonic Choir in my piece Animal. Premiered on the 16 April 2015 at Samstag Museum.

‘Further score material can be found here.

Copy-make (2015-ongoing) – This video showcases software I made in Max’s Jitter. The software can be altered to suit the needs of a particular project. I recorded movement on a glass surface to be used as a multi-screen video score for a musician to use on an instrument or sounding object. The work could also function as a choreographic tool for dance based projects. The video theorises potential uses of this software for multiple performance outcomes. It is an open platform for experimentation and for realising a fixed work and is open to anyone who wants to discover its possible uses and make a work – please email me for if you’re interested: danielrportelli[at]

Mapping Australia (2014) – This project is a web-based multimedia score for piano, electronics  and video score. An article about the work was published as an interactive website in the 5th edition of the CeReNeM Postgraduate Journal, 2015 – Click on any image below for more information about the scored aspect of the work.Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.48.37








Serpentine (2017) – Serpentine is a multimodal work that centres around winding shapes and lines of movement such as those made by a serpent or snake. From a visual perspective it is portrayed as a geometrical sine wave and rotating circles as well as non-geometrically through the use of a video camera by following lines on the ground. Lines in the music have an equally flexible identity, and manifest as grains and swarms, pitch contours, the movements made by the musicians and constellations of sound activity. This is complemented by the lines that emerge in Aden Rolfe’s poem – both as concept and material. Taken from The Heavenly Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, the text uses refrain and repetition to explore the poetic potential of categorisation through the figure of the snake.

Antibiosis (2011) – A short non-narrative film for chamber ensemble, recorded media and a collection of stock footage. The work is a visceral and poignant ecological film highlighting careless human interactions in relation the environment, animals and our natural resources.

Creative development workshop (2009) – Below is a showcase of my involvement in a collaborative dance workshop as part ofWhat I Think About When I Think About Dancing” with Critical Path and Cambelltown Arts Centre.