Video to Play During the Performance

Audio Score for Camera Operator

This recording is to be put on a playback device and listened to on headphones by the camera operator. The verbal instructions include: follow left, follow right (the hand of the performer), being still (keep camera still), zoom to close-up, zoom to wide shot (the entire body of the piano in frame), blur (out of focus), focus (focus the camera) and handheld (creating a shaky handheld motion).

The camera-operator-performer should perform each instruction until the next instruction is spoken.

The three sine tone beeps that occur throughout the audio are there to signal that a new instruction is coming up and help prepare you for the next instruction.


Below is the Jitter patch that the performance video and camera’s live feed is to play through.

I used Max 5

And below is the screen configuration of the two videos

Screenshot 2014-08-28 13.34.17


These files are in relation to a score which can be found here:


An alternative video score with sound embedded on it to be played through earphones and placed inside the piano can be found here.