The Three Ecologies

The Three Ecologies (2020)

for oboe, bassoon, horn, and electronics  – dur. 6’40″

Program note:

The title comes from the book of the same name by Felix Guattari. Here, the definition of ecology has been extended to refer to the differences in ‘ecosystems’ between the horn, oboe, and bassoon, as well as between listener, musician, and performance space. More specifically it refers to: human subjectivity (percepts, affects, mental concepts and abstractions), the social (embedded in a mesh of relations in an open changing system), and the environment (ecology, non-human, objects and architecture). A graph-based approach to composition (k-core) was used to conceptually meld these ideas together into what I call probability clouds. k-core is used to study the resilience of networks in ecology, clustering of social networks, and brain cortex structure. Each performer is playing independently from each other and are following their own score, tempo, and probability sequence. The music offers the space to think about the structures we live in and the systems that become a part of us as they overlap and entangle.

Bassoon part

Oboe part

Horn part

Electronic part

Recommended to be played through headphones.