Video Sketch Process Diary

Mallets used:


Drawing sounds
Lines drawn on the paper to create sound as it sits on top of the strings


 Line Walking

On the 6th March 2014 I shot this video along the road of A62 Southgate in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 6HQ, UK. I made it Immediately after participating in a workshop with Tim Ingold at Leeds University. I was inspired to create a video that reflected a way of making and documenting a line of movement without mapping the course before setting out, that would lead to a meshwork of entanglement. I see this as a way of representing my composition process, and expressing it as a cross-modal experience. I started by walking through the streets of Huddersfield using a video camera to follow lines on the road at the side of the gutter. In the camera viewfinder, I looked for lines on the ground where the tarmac meets the concrete gutter, white road lines (broken or unbroken) the edge of footpaths and whatever else entered my path. If the line stopped, I would just move the camera to another line in close proximity and continue to follow that. What I discovered from this exercise is that the ‘line’, as perceived visually, is a flexible notion. The line is still able to continue even if its shape, colour and form changes.

Mapping Australia

The images below are sketches of my process that led to the development of the video score in my piece Mapping Australia

Single Gestures with Resonance (ideas)

Additional associated gestures that can be imagined or performed:

  • One short action.
  • One flash of an image, light.
  • A single note, chord or cluster resonating.

Dotting (ideas)

Additional associated gestures that can be imagined or performed:

  • Pulsating lights
  • Rapid single rhythms with varying rates of change.
  • Guero gestures.
  • Use lapel mic to pull away and towards a sound in oscillation.
  • Tapping on objects.
  • Rattling objects

Lines (ideas)

Additional associated gestures that can be imagined or performed:

  • Camera following lines
  • A music gesture.
  • Walking in a line
  • Projector moving screen in a straight line.

Circles (ideas)

Additional associated gestures that can be imagined, performed, or shown in a video:

  • Rolling fist over keys in a circle, a cyclic tonal/atonality, palindromic rhythms.
  • Footage of turning objects for example, ferris wheels, spinning wheels, water wheels.
  • Camera moving in a circular motion.
  • Actions of spinning in a circle, spinning objects, rubbing surfaces in a circular motion.

Shadings, Traces, Noises