Animal (2015)

for SATB choir and ensemble – 9′ 34″
(violin, cello, electronic keyboard, and percussion with video)

Commissioned by Soundstream 2015
Premiered by: Soundstream Collective and the Adelaide Philharmonic Choir
Conducted by Warwick Stengårds
on 16 April 2015

at the Samstag Museum of Art, South Australia

Elizabeth Layton (violin)
Simon Cobcroft (cello)
Gabriella Smart (piano)
Andrew Penrose (percussion)
Adelaide Philharmonic Choir

Program notes

           Choir Score      |     Ensemble Score     |     Performance Video

Choir Score

This is the video score that everyone in the choir works from, including the conductor. The same video is watched and synced on multiple devices (for example, an ipad), alternatively a single video can be projected on to a big screen for all performers to see.

Performance Instructions

The performers are to vocalise the letters as they pass over the red line. Hold each consonant and vowel for the duration that red line passes over the rectangle the letter is in.

Text 1 M

Letters in black are sung.

Text 1 F

for s

Letters in blue are fricatives sounds.

Text 1 TText 1 K

Letters in red are plosive sounds.

for sfor sfor sfor sfor sfor sfor sfor sfor s

When letters are together hold that sound continuously, do not re-articulate each one.


The starting notes for each vocal group is shown in the first set of glissando interval ranges (at 1’35”) and shown in the diagram below:

Screenshot 2016-07-28 20.55.11











Ensemble Score

Available to purchase at the Australian Music Centre website


Performance Video

To be projected to the audience.

The choirs video and this video are to start at the same time. The choir starts at 18 seconds into their video and a match stick image appears in this video at 16 seconds and begins to move at 18 seconds.