Rush tones

Rush tones - accordian

 Rush tones

I found this accordion at a Salvos, charity store, in Marrickville, Australia, in July of 2020. I couldn’t afford it, so I’m instead going to offer a sound work for you to imagine.

Sit by a river or stream, listen for the key tones in the rushing waters. Play a drone on the accordion that blends with the sounds you are hearing. Slowly add tones over the course of an hour creating a tone cluster. Stop suddenly and listen to the resonance and the rushing water as it is. Notice how your perception has changed.

Do this with multiple accordion players spread out across the river stream.

This is part of a series of imaginary sound art works made from my isolation room. Using resources I don’t have and items I can’t afford.

pauline oliveros diagram listening
Image taken from: Pauline Oliveros (2013) Anthology of Text Scores. Deep Listening Publications.