Supralateral (2024)
for accordion, e-guitar, baritone sax, video, lo-fi electronics, and a starling bird whistle, premiered by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, 21 June 2024, Alte Schmiede, Vienna

What the River Doesn’t Say About Itself (2022-23) [video-essay] 3 musicians on boats on The River Goolay’ari. Journal of Embodied Research, as part of their special issue on ‘Ecologies of Embodiment‘, collaboration with The Music Box Project – 8’56”

Whale FalI
for flute, violin, cello, e-bass, piano, percussion, electronics, video, and spoken word (dream recall recordings). Performance was on the 4 July 2021 with Ensemble New Babylon, Theater am Leibnizplatz, Schulstraße, Bremen, Germany. link video

Water Pail (2021)
8 cooking oil drums, 8 transducers and solo percussionist (performance and sound art installation), exhibited at World Square, Sydney, as part of the Now You Hear Her festival. link to video

Serpentine (2017)
for erhu and percussion with video and spoken word – 8′
Premiere: 20 July 2017, Claire Edwardes (percussion), Lui Ying (erhu), Aden Rolfe (poet) at The Playhouse, Western Sydney University, Penrith Campus (Kingswood), in Australia. link to video

A Sense of Space (2015/16)
for flute, guitar, and soprano with percussion – 10′
Premiere: 5 March 2016, Alba Bru Carci (flute), Diego Castro Magaš (guitar), Peyee Chen (soprano/percussion) St. Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK. link to video

Lines of Fragmentation (2015)
for trumpet, trombone, and two percussionists – 6’03”
Premiere: 17 February 2016, ESMUC Ensemble L’Auditori in Barcelona, Spain. link to audio

Hyperbodies (2015)
for computer controlled piano – 10’29”
Premiere: 25 October 2015, Phipps Hall at the University of Huddersfield, UK. link to video

Animal (2015)
for violin, ‘cello, percussion, keyboard, and choir with video score – 10′ [and video]
Premiere: 16 April 2015, Warwick Stengårds (conductor), Elizabeth Layton (violin), Simon Cobcroft (‘cello), Gabriella Smart (piano), Andrew Penrose (percussion), and the Adelaide Philharmonic Choir. Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum, University of South Australia, Australia. link to audio

Copy-Make (2015)
Interactive video installation, documentation video – 6’16”
Premiere: 13-25 February 2015, Composition Beyond Music, Impuls Music Academy, Graz, Austria. link to video

Memory Tape (2015)
for ‘cello, trombone, and recorded media – 11′
Premiere: 5 February 2015, Stephen Menotti (trombone), Ellen Fallowfield (‘cello) St Pauls Hall at Huddersfield, UK. link to video

Mapping Australia (2014)
for piano, electronics with video score – 7′ [and video]
Premiere: 30 August 2014, Tamara Anna Cislowska (piano)
Playing with Fire Event, Performance Space, Western Sydney University, Australia. link to video
Second Performance: 4 November 2014, Gabriella Smart (piano)
Soundstream’s Emerging Composers Forum, Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Undulations (2014)
for two soprano saxophones – 6’09”
Premiere: 3 November 2014, Tokyo University Players, Asian Music Festival, ACL Young Composer’s Competition, Minato Mirai Hall, Yokohama, Japan.

Temporal Planes (2013)
For electronic media – 17’04”
Premiere: 10 March 2013, Broadcast on Kunstradio, Austria, by Frequency Oz.

Finding Kensho (2012)
for chamber orchestra – 8’15”
Premiere: 28 January, 2012, Benjamin Northey (conductor) Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre, Melbourne.

Antibiosis (2011)
for chamber ensemble: flute (including piccolo), clarinet, tenor sax, piano, percussion, cello and recorded media – 10’25′′ Not yet premiered. [Film shown in a concert at Western Sydney University, 2011] link to video

The Expansive Water (2010) for chamber orchestra – 7’36′′ Not yet premiered. [Film shown in a concert at Western Sydney University, 2010]

Scores are available to purchase here at the Australian Music Centre website.