ADSR Zine Special Collection Exhibition

ADSR Zine: Special Collection Exhibition

21st Century Grapefruit

My annotations of the book Grapefruit by Yoko Ono was exhibited at Sydenham International as part of ADSR Zine’s Special Collection. Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit is a monumental work of Fluxus scores that innovatively shaped disciplines such as Music, Painting, Events, Poetry, Objects, Film and Dance. Grapefruit’s focus is on art as an inner experience, rather than having an external outcome. Inspired by the sentiment of her words, my annotations are a poetic response to her enduing work.

Ono encourages the reader to take liberties when realising her pieces and thus my annotations are reflections, extensions, and actualisations of her scores in the form of text responses, imaginary maps, origami poetry, dream diaries, an abstract overtone musical score, and poetry for counting stars in the sky.

  81 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, 2204

  ADSR Zine 

  Opening  /  2-5PM, Sat 23 July 2022

  Closing  /  3-5PM Sat 30 July 2022 with live music by the music box project